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Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

5 Common Excuses for Not Implementing Construction Software

So, you know you need a construction project management software. That’s different, though, than biting the bullet and actually implementing one.

What’s holding you back? Do any of these 5 excuses sound familiar?

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1. I Don’t Have Time

This is the number one pain point we hear from builders. We get it. We’re builders, and we’ve been there. From late nights balancing books to frantic phone calls flipping through paper record, it can feel challenging enough just to stay afloat from day to day.  

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. And cloud-based technology makes your office work more efficient and more accurate. With your coffee in one hand, you can easily and immediately pull up the delivery schedule your subcontractor is asking for, the exact paint color from your client’s last change order, the contact info for your drywall guy, and any other information you may or may not have anticipated needing on site that day.

You rely on your notebook. But what if your notebook is the reason you’re behind? Take back control of your day with a construction project management app.

2. It’s Too Expensive

Sometimes, we hear from builders who want the benefits of a system like BuildTools but who are hesitant to put any money down.

We get it. Your money is valuable. But if you’re spending all of your time on double entry for budgets, schedules, and change orders, that’s time  - and money - down the drain.

You need an affordable solution that increases your efficiency and profitability without too high of an upfront cost.

That’s why a system with a flat fee like BuildTools often makes the most sense. Get up to speed on the projects you’re working down, and increase your capacity without worrying that your fees will go up too.

3. It’s Too Hard to Get Everyone Up to Speed

This is a real concern whenever you’re implementing a new process.

If you’re still at the stage where a system like BuildTools makes sense a few months down the road, but don’t think you can spare the time to implement it now, we understand. You need a system that improves your efficiency, not one that takes up valuable time you need to be spending focused on your builds.

That’s why systems like BuildTools come with dedicated support staff, ready to respond to your needs. Our dedicated implementation team will ensure implementation goes as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can get up and running with BuildTools right away. Want to hear it from the source? Here’s what one happy client has to say about our support team.

4. My Team Won’t Get On Board

Are your subcontractors skeptical of new technology? Not a problem. The best construction project management platforms allow you to send your subs project updates by email or text - whichever they prefer. Simply keeping a phone handy allows your subs to get the benefits of a powerful platform like BuildTools without time wasted learning yet another piece of technology.

5. If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It?

Quite simply, because life is a race. If you’re not innovating, someone else is.

Builders are already making the transition to construction project management software because they know it’s the key for staying competitive.

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