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Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Communicate Efficiently with Your Clients and Crew

Communication is the lifeline that keeps your business thriving. It’s essential for efficiency and client satisfaction.

But it’s also easy for communication to suck up a large part of your day. From coordinating schedules with different subcontractors to sending site photos to your clients, there’s a lot to do. One-off requests can quickly pile up. And it’s easy for little things to slip through the cracks.


How can you minimize your time at your desk and maximize your time on the job site?

Construction project management software is your solution for efficient, effective communication. Use one easy platform to reach out to the people you need to, when you need to. No hopping between different systems to reach different people and document changes.

Here are 2 major areas where construction project management software can increase your efficiency and effectiveness:

1. Simplify Communication with Your Crew

You rely on your crew to get the job done. Keeping communication simple is key to keep everyone on the same page.

One integrated platform lets you send and receive information without anything falling through the cracks. Need to look back on a discussion? It’s all there in one system.

Solve your email inbox nightmare. Systems like BuildTools let you send and receive emails in one system that’s divided up by project. No more sifting through pages of emails to find the message you’re looking for - simply sort by project and go.

Outside of email, project notifications are sent through BuildTools to all parties involved. By updating your crew with project notifications, they’ll be able to execute their jobs and know exactly the tasks at hand.

2. Streamline Communication with Clients

Keeping your clients in the loop during their build is essential for word-of-mouth referrals and great online reviews. But one-off emails can quickly spiral out of control.

Construction project management systems let you send weekly reports to your clients. Showcase accomplishments for the week, and attach any photos you snap during the build. Clients love receiving a weekly progress report, and they’ll be less likely to email you with one-off questions during the week.

Plus, change order integration means you can get clients’ signatures online. Once the change order is approved, let your crew know with the click of the button. No more waiting around for approval - keep your project running smoothly.

Worried about clients who struggle with technology? Don’t be. You can send emails from BuildTools to your clients’ email inboxes, so there’s no need for them to install a new app.

Take Back Your Time Today

A construction management platform built by builders means it’s designed with your needs in mind.

Communication is key to the success of your builds and business. Stop pouring time and energy into fragmented systems and one-off tasks. Simplify your workload with a seamless construction project management software. Spend less time on your phone and computer, and more time on the jobsite.

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