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How To Introduce Your Crew To New Tech


You’re a leader. You have a very clear idea of where your team can improve, what systems are holding up progress, and where time and money are being wasted. You know your operation could be more efficient.

New processes, however, require buy-in from more than just the decision maker. To get the most out of project management software, your team needs to be right there with you. Here are our recommendations for getting your crew to adopt new construction technology.

1. Know Your Own Reasons for Choosing the System

This starts with understanding the benefits yourself. A great way to make sure you’ve got a grasp on exactly what new tech can do for you is to schedule a one-on-one demo where you can ask your own questions, and see the system in practice. This will be the quickest and easiest way to get a grasp on the return you’re getting for your investment.

2. Make Sure They Understand the Benefits

They’re already doing everything the software offers: managing budgets, adjusting schedules, making change orders and so on. The difference is that now, everything is centralized to save them time and frustration, cutting out much of the chaos of construction projects.

Now they can communicate more easily with one another because everything is centralized. Now they won't have to do the same work twice because there will be templates in place to save time. Now they will be able to manage a change order with a click rather than a phone call. (The list can go on and on, and will look different for every team.)


3. Expect A Learning Curve

No matter what system you have in place currently (different software, an old ratty notebook, or no system at all) a new system will always need to be met with some level of patience. Even if your current system is slow and clunky, it is familiar, and is therefore the path of least resistance in the immediate future. Let them know that you expect a learning curve, and they should, too, but that the grass is much greener on the other side of the learning curve. (Refer to #2 above.)

4. Make sure they have access to support

"Hmm, how do I _____?” That’s part of the learning curve. While your new construction app will come with instructions and helpful “how to” resources, sometimes you just need to ask an expert. Along with the new tech, make sure your team knows where to bring those questions. Let them know whether you want them to come to you with questions, or you want them to bring them straight to product support. If the latter, give them the phone number, the email address, and the website they can utilize if they hit a snag.

5. Ask For Their Feedback

Think of the leaders on your team as your stakeholders. Aside from telling them all of the above, give them a chance to give their own input. While it may not change your mind, it will go a long ways in increasing team buy-in.

What parts of the new tech are they looking forward to? What are they relieved to leave in the past by adopting this new system? What concerns do they have? What questions? Let your team process through these questions so they feel they are part of the decision making process.

See How Other Builders Have Done It

These 5 steps will seriously increase the likelihood of successful buy-in by your crew, and will ensure that your bottom line reflects the full benefits of adopting new tech. By cutting out inneficient processes and replacing them with one well-designed system, builders like you have been freed up to take on more projects without having to increase their headcount. Take a look at this case study to see how one company grew 5X with zero new hires by utilizing BuildTools construction project management software.


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About the Author:
Sven Gustafson
President, Stonewood, LLC - Custom Home Builder

As a 4th generation custom home builder with a software development background, Sven created BuildTools to help his company have a "connection point" for everyone in the building process.