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Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Benefits of Leveraging a Construction Project Management Software

When you’re building a house, there are a lot of moving parts to fit together. What goes into creating the house of your client’s dream is much more complex than what meets the eye.

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Streamline Your Punch List Process

You’re so close. The build is almost done. But before you sign off on completion, there are a number of things that need to get done. The items on your punch list.

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Communicate Efficiently with Your Clients and Crew

Communication is the lifeline that keeps your business thriving. It’s essential for efficiency and client satisfaction.

But it’s also easy for communication to suck up a large part of your day. From coordinating schedules with different subcontractors to sending site photos to your clients, there’s a lot to do. One-off requests can quickly pile up. And it’s easy for little things to slip...

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Stop Juggling Schedules with Construction Project Management Software

Managing the schedules for just one project can be a major headache. Aligning your crews’ schedules is no easy task, and when there’s a hiccup with one schedule, it throws off the rest. And if you’re managing multiple projects that use some of the same subcontractors, delays on one project can throw off others as well.

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Nail Down Your 2018 Budget

What was 2017 like for your business? As you built beautiful homes, you most likely experienced up and downs along the way. Do you know where your profit margins were high, or where you just shaved by?

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Bidding on Your Time

If you’re in the middle of the bidding process, you know that it may be a while before you can actually break ground on your project. Lining up subcontractors is extremely time-consuming.

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Your Construction Management Software Needs to Integrate with QuickBooks. Here’s Why.

If you own a home building or remodeling business, you know that keeping your financials in order can be a daunting task. Products like QuickBooks make it easier to understand and manage your business’s financial standing. 

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Keep Clients on Track With Selections

When you’re building a home, the list of options your client is considering can get overwhelming. Whether they’re choosing flooring, trim, or the perfect toilet and sink, these selections are important to them, but they also mean a lot of work for you.

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Keeping Track of Change Orders

As a home builder, you’re used to change orders. When the goal is to give your clients the home of their dreams, changes are going to spring up throughout the process – it's human nature to change one's mind. That being said, it's still a challenge to properly execute changes on the fly. To ensure client satisfaction, direct your subcontractors in a timely manner, and to make sure you are paid...

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2 Key Components of Construction Project Management Software

As a professional home builder, you’re busy working with your team to build your clients the homes of their dreams. Implementing a construction project management software lets you keep all of you projects in one central hub, while helping you communicate quickly and efficiently with your own staff, sub-contractors, and clients to keep your project moving forward on schedule and on budget.

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