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Prepare for Homeowner Site Visits

As a builder, you know each home is unique and you have a process for getting the project done.

However, for your client, it’s different. Building a home is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Over the course of a project, you’ll spend a fair amount of time communicating with your clients, keeping them happy while also keeping the build moving forward. 

One of the most important parts of a good relationship with your client? Site visits.

Here's our guide to success before, during, and after site visits. 

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1. Before the Site Visit 

The first step for successful site visits is putting them on the schedule. This will enable both you and your crew to plan for the build and stay on schedule while keeping your client happy.

Before your client visits the site, you’ll want to clean up and remove items that may be hazardous for your client. If there are areas of the house that contain hazards, consider blocking them off. Also consider scheduling bigger projects for another day.

2. During the Site Visit 

Let your client know to wear close-toed shoes to the build, and make sure to provide hard hats and safety goggles. We also recommend telling your client not to bring children or pets to the site visit.

Site visits are a great way for your client to see the progress being made on their dream home. They’re also a great time to confirm options that you’re discussing, and get change orders signed if necessary.

However, as a builder, you know that change orders don’t always come up at the perfect time, when everyone’s in the same place.

The best solution? Digital change orders that let you make updates in realtime, without needing everyone to be in the same place at one time.

3. After the Site Visit 

After your client leaves and you finish your work for the day, lock up your build if possible. The last thing you need is a client or random passerby wandering onto a build after hours.

One of the best ways to prevent clients from wandering onto your builds unsupervised? Give them access to regular, controlled site visits. At the end of your time together, make sure their next site visit is on the calendar, or that they know how to schedule a visit if they want to.

The Key to Successful Site Visits: Communication

Every client is different, and so is every site visit. That’s why communication is often the key to keeping your client happy and safe.

However, if you’re spending too much time on client communication, those are valuable hours that aren’t spent managing the build.

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