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Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Protect Your Bottom Line

If you’re a builder, you know how hard it is to satisfy your clients and protect your bottom line.


From budgeting to scheduling and change orders, there’s a lot of moving parts that you need to nail down for one build.

One tool that can help you protect your bottom line? A construction project management software.

You’ll maximize your efficiency and increase your profit. Here’s how.

1. Automatic, Recurring Reports

Whether you just want to check in with your crew regularly, or need an easy way to send weekly reports to clients, a construction project management software like BuildTools has your back. Don’t waste your time creating and re-creating reports. Simply connect your information and let BuildTools create the report for you.

You shouldn’t have to jump from excel to your notebook to your email to a phone call just to gather up the data you knew you were going to need anyway. Industry leaders let their software do the work for them with automated reporting features. Just review, click send and move on.

Plus, you’ll free up your team for higher value-add tasks where they can actually make a difference.

2. Central Data Location Accessible to All

Is your data all over the place, scattered between emails, excel spreadsheets, your notebook, the back of a napkin, and your brain?

How much time do you spend gathering information to send to your team and your clients? We’re guessing it’s a lot.

Just think of the time you could save if it was all together in one system.

BuildTools was created by builders, for builders. We were fed up with wrangling data, sharing, and re-sharing it with our teams and clients. With BuildTools, your team can check in and get the information they need any time. And you can customize views for different audiences, so your client doesn’t see all of your financial information.

3. Change Order Documentation

Change orders are often a big part of your profit margin.

But if you don’t get changes confirmed in writing, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up eating the cost. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dissatisfied customers and a tarnished reputation that will hurt you for years to come.

You need a solution that keeps you profitable and your clients happy. A construction project management software is your best bet.

Get signatures in writing immediately. No more waiting around to confirm that the change is a go. No more he-said she-said if clients balk at the revised price. Get the change and its terms in writing and signed immediately, and you’ll have documentation to refer back to if anything comes into question.

You’ll also save your subs time - simply set up automatic notifications for change orders, and they can start making headway as soon as approval comes in.

Maximize Your Efficiency

The Bottom Line:

To grow your business, you need to control costs and maximize your profit.

When new operational challenges spring up, some builders tend to hire more people rather than seeking a more efficient process. This way of doing business is expensive and not scalable.

A better option? Construction project management software . Get more done without increasing your headcount.

Ready to see how BuildTools can help you cut costs and maximize profit? Schedule a demo today!


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