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Stop Juggling Schedules with Construction Project Management Software

Managing the schedules for just one project can be a major headache. Aligning your crews’ schedules is no easy task, and when there’s a hiccup with one schedule, it throws off the rest. And if you’re managing multiple projects that use some of the same subcontractors, delays on one project can throw off others as well.


As hiccups occur, you need to act quickly and creatively to rearrange dates and deadlines, and to communicate these changes to your crew.

But juggling schedules and communicating changes to your crew can quickly suck up your day. Instead of sitting down at your desk, making changes to a calendar on your computer or on paper, and then following up with each subcontractor that will be affected by the change, what if there was one simple way to take care of this task?

There is a simple way to streamline your schedule changes. The right construction project management software puts your schedules and communications in one simple platform, and frees you up to focus on bigger-ticket priorities. Here’s how it works.

Schedule All Phases

Construction project management software with built-in scheduling is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after features in construction apps today. And it’s easy to see why. A scheduling feature lets you save time and streamline communication so your crew is always in the loop.

From pre-construction to finish line, your construction project management software should give you the ability to schedule out every single task, meeting, and deadline. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep the right people informed about their tasks without overwhelming them.

BuildTools gives you the ability to upload your schedule into a gantt calendar, giving you the ability to see what phases need to be completed before your crew can move on. By leveraging this calendar, you’ll be able to see when each task is taking place, and manage your crew to get each project successfully to the finish line.

Streamline Changes

Changes in schedules are inevitable. But how you update your schedule and notify those affected is in your control.

Instead of sifting through your contacts and manually updating calendars, let BuildTools do the work for you. By simply changing the dates on the gantt calendar, the BuildTools application will automatically update any subcontractors or crew who’s timeline needs to shift due to the change.

This allows you to keep the necessary crews on track with dates while taking away the headache of scheduling so you can focus on giving your clients the best house possible. Want to learn more ways BuildTools can impact your business? Schedule a demo today!

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