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Streamline Your Punch List Process

You’re so close. The build is almost done. But before you sign off on completion, there are a number of things that need to get done. The items on your punch list.


The items on your punch list can vary from build to build, and sometimes from day to day. Your list might include a sink to reinstall, a damaged wall to fix, or a last-minute request from the client.

It’s a challenge to keep track of this many moving parts. You know from experience that it’s easy to lose money as a build drags on. And when your build gets pushed back, clients get frustrated, damaging the possibility for a good word-of-mouth referral that you need to stay in business.

So, what’s your defense against chaos at this stage of the build? Efficient, effective communication.

Communication is the lifeline that keeps you afloat - with your subcontractors, and with your clients. Wondering how a simple software solution can keep you successful and profitable? Here are a few concrete ways a construction project management software can help you knock off the items on your punch list.

Streamline Communication with your Subcontractors

Your subcontractors each have their own specialties. And for most of the build, they have a clearly defined set of tasks to accomplish.

At the punch-list stage, though, this all changes. With one-off requests piled sky-high, it’s easy for processes to disintegrate and the build to stall as you struggle to juggle and delegate.

Your best ally for this stage of the build? A good construction project management software.

Notify your subcontractors in real time as items on the punch list get assigned or completed. Empower your subs with a dynamic calendar that integrates automatically with this list. Eliminate wasted time and costly errors from cross checking paper calendars, email, and information stored online.

Are your subcontractors skeptical of new technology? Don’t worry. The best construction project management platforms allow you to send your subs project updates by email or text - whichever they prefer. Simply keeping a phone handy allows your subs to get the benefits of a powerful platform like BuildTools without time wasted learning yet another piece of technology.

Stay One Step Ahead on Client Communication

The biggest and most dynamic wildcard for every new project isn’t the location, or the budget, or the timeline. It’s the client.

A difficult client can make even the most basic project a struggle. Even a relatively low-maintenance client can chew up a lot of your day with requests for changes and status updates.

It makes sense - after all, the client is pouring a lot of money into this project, and they’ll have to live with the results.

As you reach the punch-order stage, clear, efficient communication with your client is more important than ever. People tend to occur the first and last events in a sequence the best, so wrapping up your project well is especially important if you want good word-of-mouth referrals. By sticking to deadlines, you’ll also be able to keep your costs down and your profits on target.

You can’t afford to spend all day babysitting clients - that’s a sure way to make sure that nothing else gets done.

Stop the constant requests for updates by giving your clients access to the punch list and schedule. Empower them to approve or reject punch list and warranty items with the click of a button.

You’ll be able to move forward faster, and keep your clients happier. It’s a win for your financials, and for your word-of-mouth recommendations.

Simplify Your Punch List Process Today

Don’t wait to simplify your punch list process.

You need a system for wrapping up builds that works with you, not against you.

Ready to see how BuildTools can save you time and money at this stage of the build, and every stage? Schedule a demo today.