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Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Streamlining Your Change Order Billing

Your initial plans for your build are in place and ready to go and your build is underway. Things seem to be going to plan, but then your client may decide they want a different floor, wall color, or hardware in their kitchen.


Change orders are something you’re used to and you deal with on most of your projects. But, when this change comes up, how are you keeping your client and your team aware of the billing changes?

Digital Approval = Automatic Updates

By leveraging BuildTools, your giving your clients the ability to approve a change order from anywhere, meaning that there’s no back and forth providing information and gathering approval. Your client simply approves, and your selections immediately update within the BuildTools app.

Now that the change order has been approved, it’s up to you to make sure your billing is correct. BuildTools has already updated the selection, updating the budget to reflect the cost of the change order.

This means you don’t have to spend your time updating your client on cost, informing your team of changes, and manually updating the budget.

QuickBooks Integration

Having a change order automatically update in you app provides your clients and team with updates that have been made, but also streamlines your accounting process. Since BuildTools is fully integrated with QuickBooks, you’ll eliminate double entry as well as potential errors.

There’s nothing to install, and invoices automatically update, meaning your budget can live in a single place without disputes.

Streamlined Billing in a Single Location

From the minute your client wants to make a change, to updating the selection, informing your team, and changing the budget, your change order process and billing continues to update. No matter the amount of change orders needed on a single project, BuildTools will continue to update.

Your budget will also be available wherever you are, whether you’re out at the jobsite, at the office, or with a client, you’ll have real-time access to changes and updates made every single day.

Is your change order process working for you? Download our Change Order Checklist to see where it stacks up.

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