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BuildTools has been featured by several national publications and has been recognized as a leading innovator in the construction software industry. Check back often for pro-tips and industry insights - created by builders, for builders.


Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Protect Your Bottom Line

If you’re a builder, you know how hard it is to satisfy your clients and protect your bottom line.

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Are You Paying Too Much for Construction Software?

Construction project management software allows you to boost profits without increasing your headcount. As your home building business becomes more efficient and you ramp up on new projects, does your software subscription become more expensive? If it does, that sliding scale is misleading, which leads to frustration.

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How To Maximize Profit on Your Homebuilding Project

What are the two goals of every single homebuilding project? Finishing on time and under budget.

Your ability to do those 2 things will define your profit margin more than any other factor. These tips were gathered from industry-leading homebuilders to help tighten up your operation and widen your profit margin.

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