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BuildTools has been featured by several national publications and has been recognized as a leading innovator in the construction software industry. Check back often for pro-tips and industry insights - created by builders, for builders.


Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Pro-Tip #8: Simplify Your Day By Simplifying Your Budget

When it comes to your project budgets, how are you keeping track of them?

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Pro-Tip #7: Warranty and Punch List Process

When you’re wrapping up a build, how efficient are you and your crew with punch list items?

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Pro-Tip #6: Own Your Change Order Process

During each project, change orders will come up. Delivering exactly what your client wants requires flexibility and accountability. Make sure your process sets you and your team up for success. 

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Pro-Tip #5: Documents - Get Away From Your Desk and Out to the Jobsite

We've all heard that change is a good thing, and usually it is, but not when it affects your build and can lead to confusion and hiccups throughout the process. 

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Pro-Tip #4: Selections - Centrally Located and Automatically Updated

Working with your client when designing the home of their dreams requires a lot of decisions when it comes to selections. Once selections are made, it's imperative that you have the ability to update your designer and team.

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Communicate on any Device

In a technology-obsessed world, your cellphone is your lifeline. Whether you’re using it to read the news, check the score of the game, or communicate with friends and family, your phone is an essential part of your day. 

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Pro-Tip #3: Budgeting – Ditch the Spreadsheets for Good

Still working from different spreadsheets that aren’t tied to your accounting system? Avoid double-entry errors using a system that can be integrated, updated, and accessible in real time.

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Benefits of Leveraging a Construction Project Management Software

When you’re building a house, there are a lot of moving parts to fit together. What goes into creating the house of your client’s dream is much more complex than what meets the eye.

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Communicate Efficiently with Your Clients and Crew

Communication is the lifeline that keeps your business thriving. It’s essential for efficiency and client satisfaction.

But it’s also easy for communication to suck up a large part of your day. From coordinating schedules with different subcontractors to sending site photos to your clients, there’s a lot to do. One-off requests can quickly pile up. And it’s easy for little things to slip...

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Bidding on Your Time

If you’re in the middle of the bidding process, you know that it may be a while before you can actually break ground on your project. Lining up subcontractors is extremely time-consuming.

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