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Your Notebook Is The Reason Your Project Is Behind Schedule


You’ve got a lot to keep straight: deadlines, change orders, deliveries, contact info, the list is literally never ending. Every new day brings new data, and your productivity depends on your ability to keep it all straight. It’s not just you who is relying on this data, it’s your team, your subcontractors, and your clients.

True, tracking all of it in your notebooks has saved your butt in the past, it’s been your go-to, your trusted system, but in an increasingly organized industry, your notebook may just be the thing that’s holding your company back while other teams are improving their communication and efficiency. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and the cloud, if you’re still organizing everything in a notebook or binder, you’re holding yourself back.



We’ve all been there, with our phone cradled on one shoulder and a client or subcontractor waiting patiently on the other end while we frantically flip through pages to find where we wrote that specific bit of information.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With cloud-based technology you can access any info from any job with just a few taps. With your coffee in one hand, you can easily and immediately pull up the delivery schedule your subcontractor is asking for, the exact paint color from your client’s last change order, the contact info for your drywall guy, and any other information you may or may not have anticipated needing on site that day.



Once you store your info, you need to make sure that data gets into the right hands, right away. Calls, texts and emails take time, but if your data is in the cloud, the entire team has instant access to whatever they need. Schedules, documents, change orders, budgets, checklists: your team needs access to all of it in order to get the job done on time and under budget. By operating in the cloud, your entire team can receive automatic updates when appropriate.



You know that sinking feeling when you arrive on the job site to find that someone on your team has dropped the ball and you know you’ll have some explaining to do to the client when they arrive? With cloud-based assignable tasks and checklists you can do more than just hope that your team is getting the job done when you’re off site. You can see what’s done, what’s not, and even schedule automated reminders and alerts on those tasks that simply cannot be dropped. Because by the time you realize your project is behind schedule, it's too late.



Changes are inevitable. We all know how much of a headache even a minor change can cause. The bathtub that was supposed to come in Tuesday won’t be delivered until Friday, so now all other bathroom work will be bumped back by 3 days. How will this affect the budget? Put away the calculator, and stop scribbling sloppy math in the margins of your notebook, because with the right software, designed for builders by builders, the effects of the late delivery will be automatically applied to budgets, schedules, and will send out notifications to everyone who needs to know. All of this is done in an instant, and you keep moving.



We know that change is hard, and that technology is changing faster than ever, but it would be foolish to just throw up your hands and not bother adapting at all! Putting off the inevitable will cost you in the long run. Sticking solely to your pen and paper, your phone calls and margin-math while others in the industry reap the rewards of cloud-based improvements doesn’t make sense.

Chances are you are either reading this on your phone or it’s within reach right now. See? You already have the very tool you need to get started. Your whole team does! So do your subcontractors and your clients. Let us help you use the technology that’s at your fingertips.

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