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BuildTools has been featured by several national publications and has been recognized as a leading innovator in the construction software industry. Check back often for pro-tips and industry insights - created by builders, for builders.


Pro-Tips and Industry Insights

Pro-Tip #3: Budgeting – Ditch the Spreadsheets for Good

Still working from different spreadsheets that aren’t tied to your accounting system? Avoid double-entry errors using a system that can be integrated, updated, and accessible in real time.

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5 Benefits of Digital Change Orders

Change orders. They’re inevitable. But the headaches that often follow aren’t.

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Pro-Tip Vlog #2: Scheduling

Aligning schedules for every build can be quite the task. Making sure your subcontractors and crew are where the need to be, when they need to be there can leave you at your desk for hours on end looking at various calendars. Once your master plan is created, what do you do when a change arises?

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Protect Your Bottom Line

If you’re a builder, you know how hard it is to satisfy your clients and protect your bottom line.

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Pro-Tip Vlog #1: Communication

When it comes to the success of your business, communication is key. Not only is it the lifeline that keeps your business thriving, but it's essential for efficiency and client satisfaction. Have you ever thought about ways to streamline your communication processes?

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Benefits of Leveraging a Construction Project Management Software

When you’re building a house, there are a lot of moving parts to fit together. What goes into creating the house of your client’s dream is much more complex than what meets the eye.

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Streamline Your Punch List Process

You’re so close. The build is almost done. But before you sign off on completion, there are a number of things that need to get done. The items on your punch list.

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Communicate Efficiently with Your Clients and Crew

Communication is the lifeline that keeps your business thriving. It’s essential for efficiency and client satisfaction.

But it’s also easy for communication to suck up a large part of your day. From coordinating schedules with different subcontractors to sending site photos to your clients, there’s a lot to do. One-off requests can quickly pile up. And it’s easy for little things to slip...

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Stop Juggling Schedules with Construction Project Management Software

Managing the schedules for just one project can be a major headache. Aligning your crews’ schedules is no easy task, and when there’s a hiccup with one schedule, it throws off the rest. And if you’re managing multiple projects that use some of the same subcontractors, delays on one project can throw off others as well.

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Nail Down Your 2018 Budget

What was 2017 like for your business? As you built beautiful homes, you most likely experienced up and downs along the way. Do you know where your profit margins were high, or where you just shaved by?

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