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5 Benefits of Digital Change Orders

Change orders. They’re inevitable. But the headaches that often follow aren’t.

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Previously, we’ve written 6 Tips for Managing Change Orders on the Fly. One of our best tips? Using digital forms to track change orders.

Here are five key benefits of using digital forms for change orders.

1. Get it in Writing

Handshake deals don’t cut it when it comes time to bill your client. Don’t put yourself in a situation where it’s your word versus your client’s word. Get a signature before you let the conversation end.

Digital change orders make everything black and white. You’ll eliminate gray area that could potentially harm your bottom line, weaken your relationship with your client, or even damage your reputation.

2. Access Data Anywhere 

The best builders don’t spend their days at the office. They’re continually on the go, checking on build sites and meeting with clients and team members.

If you’re on the go, though, it can be hard to keep track of the documents you need to run your business. A cloud-based system means your data is available whenever you need it, wherever you are.

No more juggling platforms.  No more data scattered between emails, excel spreadsheets, your notebook, the back of your napkin, and your brain.

Get out of the office without sacrificing productivity. With change orders at your fingertips, you can make decisions without a trip back to the office.

3. Notify Subs Seamlessly

A cloud-based system means that your data updates automatically when change orders come in. And in turn, your subs get notified immediately of changes to their schedules.

In a system like BuildTools, you can set up automatic, targeted notifications so that the right people hear about changes that affect them.

Are your subcontractors skeptical of new technology? Don’t worry. The best construction project management platforms allow you to send your subs project updates by email or text - whichever they prefer. Simply keeping a phone handy allows your subs to get the benefits of a powerful platform like BuildTools without time wasted learning yet another piece of technology.

4. Delight Your Clients With Photos

If your client isn’t on the job site when a change order is being discussed, it can be hard for them to compare options and make a decision. Digital change orders allow you to take photos at the job site, and and directly show clients what a change order would affect.

Since digital change orders usually integrate with your selections interface, you can also show your client images of two different selections side by side.

No waiting for samples to come in. Get your change order pushed through today.

5. Build Your Bottom Line

This is possibly the best part of digital change orders - keeping all your data in a single system means it all syncs automatically.

A system like BuildTools integrates change orders with your communication, scheduling,  documents, selections, and budgeting modules, and even your QuickBooks software.  

You can make clients aware of pricing differences right away. Then, once a change order goes through, check in to see how it’s affecting your bottom line. Since change orders can be a big money-making opportunity, it’s especially important to keep an eye on them, so you can make them work for your business.

What’s the Missing Link in Your Change Order Process? 

Documentation is key for change order success. Cross off the 7 key elements on our change order checklist to keep your clients and your bank account happy.

 Does your current change order process make the cut? Get the checklist.